there are nightmares…

13 Jun

…from which you wake up with your body chilled, your heart pounding and your mind racing with desperation and fear, a scream on your lips as you rapidly breathe, blinking in the darkness, but almost immediately with that comes the sense of relief that it was all a dream.

And then there are nightmares which just leave you with a sense of…annoyance. And frustration.

Last night, among other things, I dreamt that I had to care for two small brats. I mean children. I also think that my studies have been getting to me, because before their mother foisted them off to me, she said that their constant fighting with each other had influenced their emotional development to such a degree that they were 1 on some (fictional) Emotional Balance Scale, with 10 being emotionally balanced. o.o While caring for them, I also had the task of shepherding a group of people into a lift. Which was an insane task, because I think every single one of them (I think there were about 10) had ADHD or something, and I couldn’t get their attention long enough to get them to walk in one direction, and even when they had started heading towards the lift, they would suddenly all go wandering off in various random directions. When I had finally gotten them to the lift, I had to go inside first to hold the door and use some sort of fob to buzz up, and when I did that, they wandered off again. 

😛 Maybe if I do dream analysis, those people are like the facts I’m trying to memorise, and I’m trying to hard to remember all of them(by herding them to the lift, symbolically xD) but they REFUSE to go (my frustration at trying to remember all of the information) .. haha.

I have also realised that I dream about lifts a lot. For some reason. Thinking back over the past few months, I can vaguely remember quite a few dreams with lifts in them o.o I wonder why. And it’s not the claustrophobic-trapped-in-lift sort of dream… usually I’m waiting for the lift to take me somewhere, or I get into the lift and get off at some other random, weird and often wonderful place, or I get onto the lift and somehow always reach the wrong destination. o.o Weird.

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