The strange fiddly things…

7 Jul

…that are macarons.

So today, because I felt like the egg whites have been sitting on my countertop for long enough (:S) I finally got around to making the macarons I had been meaning to make. For ages.

I should clarify that the only reason I even bother baking those little things is because my favourite flavour is Earl Grey, which is so far, non-existent in conventional shops 😦

The thing about macarons is, they’re not particularly hard to do, but they are definitely fiddly if you want to get them exactly right.

First things off, you need aged egg whites. This means you have to separate them from the yolks, and leave them. Most sites recommend a time span of overnight to a week (which is probably not really practical in places like say, Malaysia, where they would go bad really really fast I reckon ._.).

When mixing, you also have to be careful not to overmix, or you get what I got today..

Since I hadn’t baked them in a while, I’d forgotten about that. -.- Which means they won’t come out nice and smooth (can you see the ridges and stuff on them?)

Another crucial step is what the shells above are doing now. Sitting. I don’t know the correct term (resting?)… again the time recommended for them to sit ranges from 30minutes to 5 hoursThis is so a hard outer crust can form. I normally wait the minimum 20/30 minutes because I’m impatient 😛 But I’ve decided to give it a try today and let them sit for about an hour to see if there’s any difference 😀

I leave you now with a picture of the best macarons I’ve ever managed to produce (I don’t know if I’ve posted it before?) :O Their texture was ideal… *sigh* Now I need to work on replication (and improvement!) 😀

2 Responses to “The strange fiddly things…”

  1. sarah por July 7, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    WHERE IS MY SHARE D: and I usually let them sit for about an hour. to smooth the tops you could also dip your fingertip in water and just smooth. a LITTLE BIT OF WATER though haha.

  2. Evelyn July 9, 2011 at 2:40 pm #

    Looks really good!

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