hit by the bieber fever

1 Sep

…I don’t even know how to spell his name. Bie or bei? I’ve seen too many typos around to know what’s the right one.

Anyway, I’m still not sure how to react to this, but last night, I dreamt of Justin Bieber. Yes, the tween with a girly voice. Wait, is he still a tween? Does he still have a girly voice? He still did back in the SMAP video I watched a few months back – I watched it for SMAP!

In the dream, I was with my family and for some reason we were living in (for a holiday) and wandering around this really fancy sports club. My brother was just in the middle of telling us how he’d seen Federer and Alonso there once (I don’t know why that combo. I really don’t. and on a side note, why can’t  I dream about Federer instead?!), when suddenly we heard the screams of like, a thousand rabid fangirls. At the entrance of the sports club, not twenty paces away, stood the object of (teen) feminine lust. For some reason or other, the fangirls hadn’t caught up yet, and a huge burly bodyguard told us gruffly that we could go up and shake his hand and get his autograph if we wanted. First in line. 

Here’s where my dream becomes a nightmare for all the Bieber fans – my family and I politely declined in unison and turned around to walk away from all the noise and bustle. As we made our way back to our rooms, one of us remarked, “Argh, we should have gotten the autographs. We could have sold them for money.”

If I were going to dream about a celebrity, why couldn’t I have dreamt of someone I actually want to meet? Like Gackt. Or Naohito Fujiki (I just found out recently that he’s a TWIN. O.O HOW CAN THE UNFAIRNESS OF THE EXISTENCE OF TWO OF HIM EVER BE EXPLAINED. Just some context, in case you, dear reader, haven’t really been following my life. I hold Naohito Fujiki as my ideal in manly charm, looks and talent(he plays! he sings! he has played goofy, intelligent, sarcastic, cool, sympathetic, tsundere etc characters to perfection). I was also devastated by his wedding (nah, not really). But maybe his twin brother…. >) . Don’t look him up in photos. His real charm is when he’s captured on film, moving and talking. Especially in Hotaru no Hikari, my favourite role of his so far. He plays an extremely sarcastic OCD workaholic. I adored him there.

But anyway, I’m still trying to recover from the trauma of the knowledge that I actually dreamt about Bieber. WHY?!

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