I have decided! (completely doggie related post)

27 Sep

After seeing this picture I have decided that one of the dog breeds I definitely must have in my life one day is the Keeshond. The wind ruffling across its fur just got me.

The puffier its fur, the BETTER 😀

Other than the bonus point of it having a breed name that a large majority of people will never pronounce right(and also a plural form that non-doggie lovers will probably be unaware of), they’re just so charming! I adore how they look like little wolves, what with their so called “wolf colouring” and all. ADORABLE.

Additionally, it’ll be interesting to have a dog that ranks higher on the doggy intelligence list …so far my other dogs have been rather low on the list of doggy intelligence. Not that my other doggies don’t have their own charming points… 🙂

..I’m also tempted by the Akita (which to me looks like a larger and prettier version of the Shiba inu, another breed I’ve always admired), again because of the slightly wolf-like look, and the Hachiko story. Love. And I’ve also always had a soft spot for Huskies and the beautiful Rough Collies (Lassie, this is your fault).

:\ I wish I liked more short haired dogs. Or poodles. Because long fur is a bit of a hassle..but a well groomed long-haired doggie always looks superior to a short-haired relative every time in my eyes *sigh*


Sorry sweetheart. You’re pretty too. Sometimes ugly and uncouth, but occasionally totally adorable.

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