Obliviousness ~ the faceless angel

17 Nov

Liberal reimagination of  Oblivious ~顔のない天使~ by the delectable Gackt-sama.

Not a translation. Because even if I put my (mediocre) skills to translate, it would hardly make sense and the lyrical beauty of the original will be lost anyway. It’s probably about 50-60% accurate to the actual content that he’s singing.
Because it will be four years tomorrow.

The ghostly memories of children’s laughter mingle with the rising swarm of dancing dragonflies; both fade away into the darkness. Those left behind gather the bodies of their dead, crying out their anguish as the flowers are scattered by the storms. I’m left holding on to one who has fallen silent forever. Your face, always so dear and familiar, has already begun to fade from my mind. Though my heart screams your name over and over again, no sound escapes my lips. 

Restless souls are wandering these desolate streets, or it is just the wind whistling over the fallen leaves? Summer has ended and I have lost you, my faceless angel. Weeping, I try to cling onto your shadow, but I wake to find myself alone again. Far too suddenly, you disappeared where I cannot follow, leaving me with nothing but pain. Your name resonates endlessly in my being, but I can no longer say it out loud for there is no one to answer to it. 

Time marches on inexorably, but whenever I close my eyes, the memories of our happiness still leave me weeping. Even the thought that you are silently watching over me is scant comfort, as my heart, too full for words, cries out only for you.

Goodbye, my forever sleeping love. Even now, you are my dearest beloved. Your name is still what I call out even when I cannot speak, over and over again with no hope of any reply.

A video of a live performance. If I’m not mistaken (I didn’t watch the full concert), it’s part of a main storyline where he’s an ex-soldier turned android who still retains some very vague memories of the past. Gackt has very dead eyes when he wants to go that way ._. Gackt-sama, why must you always write songs with super beautiful and SUPER COMPLICATED lyrics that always make me want to cry when I listen to them >( .

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