6 Dec

I can’t complain about this (enough) in 140 characters so I had to post about it.

How can anyone accuse Garth Nix (who is the one of the most original mainstream fantasy authors to emerge since I don’t know when) of plagiarism…especially about Harry Potter of all things?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Does said reviewer not have any literary experience BESIDES HP? (in that case, he/she does not deserve to be a reviewer >( ). Reviewer probably doesn’t even understand what plagiarism is, if complaining that the “boarding school” in Sabriel mooches off HP. Did reviewer even read Sabriel properly? (to be honest, if Sabriel reminds me of anything, Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness would come to mind first – feisty female main character with MAGIC, Duke somethingsomething who is Uncle/brother to the royalty, SPOILER SPOILER betrayal of the royal family… – though they are very different books so plagiarism is totally out in this case too).

Aside from the fact that it was published first, the Abhorsen series (Sabriel is the first book) is fantastic. Though the series is much shorter compared to HP, it’s better (by miles, yards, enjoyability, whatever unit you use to measure book fantasticness). Characterisation, pacing, writing style (yes, I know JK Rowling is a good writer but her books did not grip me the way the Abhorsen books, particularly Lirael, did), cover art (lol; though I should note, not the American ones, ew)… all were superior >(. If you want to talk about creative reimaginings, Garth Nix’s necromancers are of a class I have never encountered (an original magic system is REFRESHING). And Lirael is a masterpiece on its own (yes, I keep harping on Lirael because despite being a second/middle book, it’s possibly the best of the series. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Google “middle book syndrome” or “second book syndrome” and see the hits. Actually, forget about the middle book syndrome. Lirael would be a fantastic stand alone book).

(I mean, look at his name. He’s totally meant to be a fantasy writer! XD Yes, “logic”. But I’m not the only fan who thinks that way of him)

Muddling angry rant finally done.

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