I need to stop dreaming about celebrities I don’t even like :/

15 Dec

…or maybe I have some sort of hidden passion for them.

First it was Bieber, now…


I’m so ashamed I have difficulty admitting it.



So, instead of shilly-shallying…

Anyway, last night, I dreamt I was dating…


I was dating the vampire, not the actor. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.

He was not a creepy stalker in said dream (which is good), and the dream itself was actually fairly exciting, involving plunging off really tall buildings (à la Yuna from FFX – instead of having an aeon save me, I had a vampire instead), and various injuries including the backs of people’s heads coming off, pieces of skull and all… (since they were vampires, they were all right in the end; I think this is due to all the police procedural dramas I’ve been watching, i.e. Unforgettable, CSI, The Mentalist)… all in all it would have been a thoroughly entertaining dream, except for the fact that I was infatuated with him. *shudders*. (maybe my secret fangirl is going squeee inside? -.- )

The only reason I could think of for this is because I’ve been reading a certain very entertaining blog :<

P.S. If I was going to dream about vampires, I can think of many many others I would infinitely prefer – all of the non-sparkly variety, and generally better looking with kickbutt powers, or at least more interesting personalities, e.g. Lestat (Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles), Kuran Kaname (Vampire Knight), Alucard (Hellsing), and my favourites Saya & Haji from Blood+.

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