Am I allowed to call this ironic?

22 Jul

It may seem strange that now I’m in a writing course, I have not updated my blog.

The main reason is actually because I save all my writing now just in case I can use it for any of the self-reflective essays I want to write. The anti-plagiarism tool scans websites as well as journal articles (which is why paraphrasing is so important), so if I had something too similar posted here and it was picked up upon, I’d get a nice big ‘FAIL’ for unoriginal material. Yes, I’m sure I can eventually explain it, but why risk it?

Life has also been uneventful. I know a good author can always find a story anywhere, or at least make even the dullest occasions seem interesting, but I’m not there yet.

I have also been rather depressed – wait, too strong a word. Former psychologist-to-be-me objects – my spirits have been dampened by the depressing reading material in my course. Short stories, especially modern short stories, are generally written to provoke, to excite, to cause one to tease and tear and worry, generally, not meant to elicit pleasant emotions, or happy feelings. Death, disgrace, overt sensuality, shame, the base and carnal, fear and the darkness that lurks both within and without… I am getting my glut of them. Not all the stories swing that way, but on a whole, they do. Of course, some handle it better than others, but we’re encouraged to read a wide range. Some are surreal, or exist in a hyperreality, of senses and feelings more real than reality. I appreciate the crafting that has gone into writing the stories, but the content affects me.

Then there’s the funny bits, like having to read bad books. I just finished ‘The Castle of Otranto’, known as the first gothic novel, and is believed to be the inspiration for a whole genre of fiction. First of its kind does not in any way make it even close to best of its kind, or even vaguely good. It was simply too much, hammy, and over the top. If it had been a parody of gothic literature, then maybe it would have been more acceptable (but would need a some changes).

In a quick summary, yes, I am enjoying my course. I am learning many, many things about writing that would have been difficult to learn on my own. I like the exposure I am getting to books and stories I would not have picked up. Of course it’s difficult and I get exposed to things I would have rather avoided, but I get to enjoy the challenge of crafting and creating. It’s not easy, it frustrates me and I wish I had a steady future to look forward to but… it’s everything I wanted and more. And I guess that makes it worth it.

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