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I have decided! (completely doggie related post)

27 Sep

After seeing this picture I have decided that one of the dog breeds I definitely must have in my life one day is the Keeshond. The wind ruffling across its fur just got me.

The puffier its fur, the BETTER 😀

Other than the bonus point of it having a breed name that a large majority of people will never pronounce right(and also a plural form that non-doggie lovers will probably be unaware of), they’re just so charming! I adore how they look like little wolves, what with their so called “wolf colouring” and all. ADORABLE.

Additionally, it’ll be interesting to have a dog that ranks higher on the doggy intelligence list …so far my other dogs have been rather low on the list of doggy intelligence. Not that my other doggies don’t have their own charming points… 🙂

..I’m also tempted by the Akita (which to me looks like a larger and prettier version of the Shiba inu, another breed I’ve always admired), again because of the slightly wolf-like look, and the Hachiko story. Love. And I’ve also always had a soft spot for Huskies and the beautiful Rough Collies (Lassie, this is your fault).

:\ I wish I liked more short haired dogs. Or poodles. Because long fur is a bit of a hassle..but a well groomed long-haired doggie always looks superior to a short-haired relative every time in my eyes *sigh*


Sorry sweetheart. You’re pretty too. Sometimes ugly and uncouth, but occasionally totally adorable.

Thank you Japan…

10 Sep

…for keeping up your boybands long after the English song era has abandoned them.

Ahhh Bakame, I miss the old KAT-TUN sometimes even though I think Jin leaving was the best for them…

…back to puzzling over my thesis bah. >.>

I’m so happy…

17 Jul

…for the lovely hardworking boys of Kisumai. For too long they’ve had to endure being upstaged by babies…

Finally they get to debut, and they even get to keep their charming point (the rollerskates!). Sure, it means they can’t do a lot of the slick/silly dance moves their seniors are popular/infamous for, but since Kisumai have been backup dancing for year and years and years, we already know they can dance …

All is right in my world for now *happy sigh*. (I wonder how long this video will remain up before it’s removed because of copyright :S)

when I crush on women…

10 Jun

…so yeah. I was talking with my sister about female actors I like, and I decided to show off my favourite females, who have captured me in various Jdoramas. It’s mostly their onscreen charm ~the two older women have gorgeous smiles. Can’t say the same for Horikita(whose smile is a little awkward) and Toda(who does have rabbit teeth. but still remains charming).

So yeah, if I were a guy, my ideal females would be..

clockwise from left: Horikita Maki, Matsushima Nanako, Uchida Yuki, Toda Erika, Toda Erika 😀

Toda Erika gets two pictures because she was one of my original crushes(actually because I couldn’t think of anyone else..for Takei Emi, I love her voice, not her face. though it is a pretty face).

Size of the picture is not relative to size of my liking – I just was lazy to properly source them out. For instance, if I *had* to pick one RIGHT NOW, I would pick Uchida Yuki.  Because she just exudes sophisticated charm ^_^ I want to look that good at 36 >D

Anyway, I’m now going through an English period drama phase.. Jane Eyre, Emma and Pride&Prejudice marathon! 😀

exam stress~ setting in

2 Jun

So I was stalking Masaki Suda’s profile(incidentally he is my sister’s ageee gaaah I feel like a paedo), and I realised that he’s in a movie called ‘High School Debut’…

And because I’m super happy/excited about it, I wanted to burst and jump around and declare my delight, but there’s no one to share it with. I don’t know anyone who has read that manga, but I really really really really reaaaallyyyy liked it, and I think it would translate to live action very well!! (unlike some of the other stuff that has been made into dramas u.u)

So here I am trying to express my delight on my blog.

How can I express how happy I feel that they tried to make You’s hair like the manga’s drawings? (which is kinda funny and fluffy IRL XD)

…however, none of the male cast really look at all like the manga .. something was lost in translation I feel >< (except for the main. The ‘Yoh’ guy is really really well cast, surprisingly o.o)

Why is it only a movie?! It should be a seriiiies. 

Now I need to go back to my notes >.>


5 Jul

… my fangirling on my blog is amusing because it completely doesn’t sound like something I’d do in real life.

(Obviously they have not seen me scream/cheer Federer on :X )

So onwards to a bit of fangirling…

In the latest chapter of Skip Beat…

Nakamura sensei drew Ryuji and Tsukasa from TOKYO CRAZY PARADISE!!!!


And since her art style has changed and evolved (and has gotten better IMO) … Ryuji looks even awesomer!!!



(enough strange sound effects, lenglui? ^_~)

(below is pure J-rock/visual kei stuff :X Just a place to post thoughts of some videos/songs I’ve watched lately)

PT’s Moon Light was a complete disappointment to me…granted I only listened for one minute, but it sounded like some noisy amateur band who had recorded it in their garage >.> I like the parts he isn’t singing in.  :C I liked Sanatorium so much I guess I had expected something else wonderful to come from them ><

There’s noise and there’s noise – Nightmare’s Romeo is much more listenable (but it is a little creepy how the lead vocals reminds me of a smaller, chubbier, younger version of Gackt >< …must be the blondish hair and blue contacts plus makeup :X)

On the other hand, I am liking Shiver by the GazettE even tempted to watch the anime that it is OPing for although it suspiciously looks like some sort of shoutacon >< On the other hand, it looks a bit like the darkish-horror genre I may like :X

Decisions! lol.

proof that hyde is a total dweeb…

23 Nov

(but so is ken)…

Warning – you should not attempt to watch this video unless you:
a) are at least a marginal fan of hyde or ken
b) can stand watching grown men making fools of themselves
c) if you know what the song ‘Julia no soushin” is and you know what an awesome karaoke song it is and thus can appreciate hyde fully enjoying himself to it – with a pink shiny mike no less (he only starts singing about 6 minutes into the video though)

…that being said…

hyde is so cute!!! *kyaa!!!!* The best – how he kinda looked really cool and calm…and then he starts singing like a drunken old man at the karaoke XDDDD
…and then matthew starts harmonising and ends with a strange dance thing – (@.@) that part got a little weird…but it didn’t sound too bad xD
enough to brighten up a rainy day I tell you XD

next video…

Gackt and Leehom singing ‘Orenji no Taiyou’.
This live performance would have been perfect if hyde was in it. *tears up*


…I sooo need to study for my last exam ><

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