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Day Five+2

15 May

I think I’ve been so busy celebrating the end of LBTL that I forgot to blog. Whoops!

We had an epic bbq night to celebrate the end of our 2$ stint ^_^ – unfortunately, it was too cold for the pit to heat up properly so we ended up using the oven to grill everything and we fried the steaks.

Still tasted great.

On other fronts, I need to stop procrastinating. So many things to get done!

Hellooo Day Four!

12 May

….and all I can think about is CAKE.

There will be epic meat eating at 12midnight tomorrow I reckon ^_~

Masterchef starts soon, I have mixed feelings xD

It is day three…

11 May

…and I’m feeling singularly grumpy as I work on my assignment.

On the other hand, the 2$ a day for food thing doesn’t seem to adversely affect me when I have no work to do (like yesterday, when I took a 4 hour break to commune with my DS). Only once I am forced to sit down and settle and work…

and all I want is..


…and let’s not talk about bubbletea. Lol.

Day 2 is ending..

10 May

…and I’m still alive XD

Oh yeah, budget wise..  I used the 2$ sausages and 1$ carrots bringing my total up to 7.23$
(and counting the potluck tomorrow, $8.23)

I don’t think I’ll be needing to add on anything else. Unless I get desperate for a different taste/texture – that’s where the $.69/.79 packet of pasta comes in. Cooked with tuna and sausages, it should be pretty yumm. ^^

Day 3 will be a little bit special, because we’re having a 1$ potluck at cell.. with 9dollars we can do a lot! ^_^

My cravings have now more or less lessened but have focused very exclusively and very strongly on cake. And oh, not just any other cake, it had to be cake from this store in particular. Expensive, tiny little smidgens of cake. Okay, I exaggerate,  but when one piece of cake costs about as much as a meal (albeit in a Chinese restaurant) …

Other than that, I am loving carrots. I don’t know how I would go through this experience without them.

I can snack on them raw, roast them in the oven… snack on them raw..roast them…Well you get the picture ^_^

Viva carrots!

Day -…

10 May

Gyaaaa I just finished a big assignment (kinda) and I can’t even reward myself with chocolate/ice cream/bubbletea. And it was bad last night when I really REALLY wanted something sweet and had no motivation to go on until I got it. So I ate a carrot – DEEPLY UNSATISFYING. (lol)

Just wanted to say that before I go and get my.. sigh. Milk :C


How can I find the motivation to do my next assignment? (due friday..bleh)

I shall let Aoi serenade me for a while (Recent discovery! Melikes :D)
Edit: me reaaaaally likes!! I haven’t like anyone this much since the GazettE or Versailles and the way things are going, I’m going to like him more if his music continues like this!

Day 1 :)

9 May

I woke up this morning and had a game plan change ^^

Originally, I was going to stick with bread and tuna for day one, and move on to pasta for day two, supplementing in between meals with carrot sticks.

However, I opened my fridge to take out the carrots and discovered about 700mls of milk that will expire the day the fast ends.

Thus, my meals for today became:

Milk – probably 30cents worth from a 1$ litre

Bread – 4 slices from a 24 slice loaf, 35 cents(approx?) (I had two of the four slices as a snack for tea but whatever :P)
Beetroot – 10 cents worth (I think xD)
Tuna – .45$

In total my food consumed today was worth: $1.20

Cost of the food in total(including leftovers):  4.23$
Breakdown Bread(20 slices left): 1.59, Milk(dunno how much left of the 1 litre): 1$, Beetroot(lots left :S): 0.75$, Tuna(half left): $0.89

I am assuming this will be repeated tomorrow.
Though actually I think I might use the 2$ sausages and 1$ carrots instead(bring my total up to 7.23$ – because the thought of eating tuna again…)
Picture of my dinner!

Very appetizing, I know.
I want bubbletea!! :C And cake ><
And after this LBTL I don’t want to see tuna. For a really long time. ._. (unless it is raw/lightly seared sashimi style :D)

Certain disclaimers (I am oh-so-honest :P)
The tuna I am eating is not the cheap .89$ for 185g from Aldi – it is the much more expensive John West brand.

However, my justifications for this are:
My housemate had bought those tuna cans and left them there when she left – I don’t normally eat canned tuna >< – I think it is redundant to go out and buy more of what I don’t eat (Speaking of which, does anyone want frozen sweet corn? >.>).

Perhaps the more expensive brand tastes better but the choice of flavours that she had bought isn’t exactly what I would ever eat – e.g. sweet corn mayonnaise (which is a big yuck for me – I dislike sweet corn in my food intensely ><).

It starts tomorrow!

8 May

And it seems I misunderstood the rules! Lol.
Turns out I can have 10$ to spend for the five days, instead of being forced to use just 2$ a day (it makes a lot of difference ok!!)

😀 Grocery shopping tomorrow!! Should be exciting XD

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