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FAKE EGGS FROM TESCO Malaysia and the perpetuation of ignorance

29 Apr

I’m writing this post in a fit of anger so I am aware that my choice of words may not be the politest.
I also know that no one reads this anymore so I can rest assured that my rant will remain lost among the gazillions of words on the Internet.

I came across a post shared on my Facebook timeline about the supposed “FAKE EGGS OMG” (I added the capitalisations and the OMG) today and I almost scrolled past it as one of those dumb things people like to share without thinking. Something made me stop and look, and I realised Yes, it is something people share without thinking and that really, really ticks me off.

In this day and age, information is easily available at our fingertips. Sharing hyped out “information” without actually looking up sources, checking its credibility, looking up some facts and using basic logic and science is not only ludicrously ignorant, it’s plain lazy. I forgive you if you’re over 40 and technologically challenged, but honestly, anyone younger than that with access to the Internet, a high school education and a working mind should think twice or a helluva many times before sharing stupid “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT IS IN YOUR __________” or something of that ilk.

Let’s go back to those fake eggs. As far as I recall (I can’t look at that collection of photos too many times, it makes me angry), there were five reasons stated why she thought the eggs were fake.

1. “Pattern” on shell scratches off to show smooth shell.

2. Watery something something whites

3. Membrane of egg was thick and papery.



As you can see, number 4 and 5 made me the angriest so I remembered them. Has the writer really not had any egg experiences in her lifetime? Eggs are a biological product – I personally would be a little creeped out if they were the exact same shape and size.

(Aside. When I was in Melb, I did a fair bit of macaron baking as a stress relief. I used to weigh egg whites from each egg to adjust the proportions of sugar etc. and I sometimes felt weirded out when the weight of the whites would be exactly the same down to one decimal point for say, three eggs in a row. I know they grade and sort the eggs, but are the hens producing those eggs robots?? Also, I bought barn or free range eggs whenever I could afford them so it’s not the battery hen thing).

For number 1 and 2, fair enough, perhaps that’s a bit weird. Both Tesco and the egg supplier have come forward to clarify that issue (YOU go look it up if you want to know, don’t take my word for it).

For number 3, I’ve had lots of experiences with eggs with “thick” membranes and I don’t see anything unusual with anything in her picture (I don’t cook a lot. I really don’t. I baked a bit back when I had more free time and energy, but I don’t think my egg exposure is any higher than an average Malaysian).

I looked through some of the 2000 over shares from her post hoping that at least a few hundred would be people laughing over what a silly, unscientific and illogical post it was. I wanted to be fair to them before I wrote this rant, but I saw only one or two sensible people (with egg experience I reckon) who commented on the shares that all four/five of her points were off and in no way proved that the eggs were fake.

And yes, if you believe yourself to be enlightened, don’t take my words at face value. Go and investigate for yourself and then come and fight with me if you think I’m wrong. Don’t just throw out accusations/assumptions until you’ve done some research. I could be lying to you or I could be ignorant and lazy.

This might be a small thing, but this ignorance and this mindset can go into much more damaging and damning areas. You want an example? Anti-vaccination. I’m not going to tackle that in today’s rant (or ever probably) but YOU go look it up and form your own informed opinion based on LOGIC and SCIENCE after you’ve read the arguments and studies from both sides.

Note: Yes, I am aware of the fake eggs from China scare from years ago, but just because there’s been a serial killer in your county, do you share photos of shadows on your street saying that you see faces peeping out? That’s what it feels like to me, and I probably would be more sympathetic to you in the serial killer example.

Note 2: Yes the example above is really bad but it’s all my brain can come up with at the moment. I am all ranted out.

Note 3: Tesco Malaysia and the supplier, QL eggs have already responded with their own version of events here. I wasn’t going to put the link but I remembered that people are inherently lazy. I refuse to link the original post that got me angry.


6 Dec

I can’t complain about this (enough) in 140 characters so I had to post about it.

How can anyone accuse Garth Nix (who is the one of the most original mainstream fantasy authors to emerge since I don’t know when) of plagiarism…especially about Harry Potter of all things?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Does said reviewer not have any literary experience BESIDES HP? (in that case, he/she does not deserve to be a reviewer >( ). Reviewer probably doesn’t even understand what plagiarism is, if complaining that the “boarding school” in Sabriel mooches off HP. Did reviewer even read Sabriel properly? (to be honest, if Sabriel reminds me of anything, Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness would come to mind first – feisty female main character with MAGIC, Duke somethingsomething who is Uncle/brother to the royalty, SPOILER SPOILER betrayal of the royal family… – though they are very different books so plagiarism is totally out in this case too).

Aside from the fact that it was published first, the Abhorsen series (Sabriel is the first book) is fantastic. Though the series is much shorter compared to HP, it’s better (by miles, yards, enjoyability, whatever unit you use to measure book fantasticness). Characterisation, pacing, writing style (yes, I know JK Rowling is a good writer but her books did not grip me the way the Abhorsen books, particularly Lirael, did), cover art (lol; though I should note, not the American ones, ew)… all were superior >(. If you want to talk about creative reimaginings, Garth Nix’s necromancers are of a class I have never encountered (an original magic system is REFRESHING). And Lirael is a masterpiece on its own (yes, I keep harping on Lirael because despite being a second/middle book, it’s possibly the best of the series. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Google “middle book syndrome” or “second book syndrome” and see the hits. Actually, forget about the middle book syndrome. Lirael would be a fantastic stand alone book).

(I mean, look at his name. He’s totally meant to be a fantasy writer! XD Yes, “logic”. But I’m not the only fan who thinks that way of him)

Muddling angry rant finally done.

They keep doing this to me..

4 Sep

In this post, which I aptly entitled “Finally letting go…” , I spoke of my gradual acceptance of Jerry Yan as the Tsuruga Ren character in the Taiwanese desecration adaptation.. (and I was secretly/deeply pleased when I saw that production had halted due to issues [yes I was hoping they were foiled forever!]) …

And then news can out – instead of sticking to Taiwanese, the two male leads – Korean. Superjuniors.

Now, the two korean men are.. not too bad. Lookswise, I say the Shotarou guy passes(but my threshold for Shotarou is like, if he’s not dead ugly, he’ll do. Good looking Sho is just a minor bonus. I’d prefer a Sho who can act!)

The Ren guy, I won’t comment, because, as I’ve said before, I don’t really believe that there is any man alive is good enough to play Tsuruga Ren. :X So I accept my biasedness(and secretly hope to be proven wrong one day). I think he’s better looking than Jerry Yan anyway. Don’t know if his acting will survive the dubbing but whatever.

Strongest objection…

How can they cast a Sho who is TALLER than Ren?!!!!! (yes, superficial but…) Ren has to be taller, superior, better looking and more amazing in every single way.
(or else that very important first confrontation scene between them will lose its meaning >C And so much else will be lost if Ren’s height isn’t there!!! He needs to TOWER over everyone else. TOWER!!!)

Fangirl speaking here.

I wouldn’t even accept my ideal man (Naohito Fujiki, in case you’ve forgotten) as Ren, because although he is perfect for the role in every other way, he’s too old *sobs*. And also, he’s not tall enough – and Naohito Fujiki is tall for a Japanese man(180cm).

Letting some Korean guy who is 175cm fine if everyone else in the show is shorter in proportion. But letting the rival be 182cm?!



P.S. wikitionary defines “desecration” as “An act of disrespect or impiety towards something considered sacred”

Not sacred, but one of my all time favourite mangas.

Too much la.

..and I’m not even going to start on Ariel and her ‘acting’.


rant end 😀


17 Jun

I know that I am allowing something that’s completely insignificant in the greater scheme of things to affect me more than it should.


Forcing myself to look on the brighter side, I guess this opens my eyes to how important I’ve allowed it to be in my life (and how it really shouldn’t be).

Back to what’s much more important – studies.

and so…

24 Jun

the second last day of the Melbourne Uni exam period beckons temptingly, my freedom is tantalisingly close,
there are rotten mandarins in my fridge, my room is a mess, my laundry needs to be done, I still have massive quantities of uneaten snacks, my laundry is piling, and there are tears in my eyes.

No really, there are ..contacts are acting up but currently a bit too lazy to take the three steps I need to the toilet.

Oh and I’m popping overly crunchy M&M cookies like there’s no tomorrow


As I walked the streets of Melb City on Saturday, GUESS WHO I SAW OUT AND WANDERING ABOUT.

Guess who?

Guess who?

I wanted to go and shake hands and whatnot (I was actually almost going into otaku mode and squealing and chasing after him with my camera rofl) …but yeah. shy. so all I could do was walk a little faster and snap a shot of his back with my hp camera and look innocent to all the other people around. haha.

back to genetics. and dragons. and unicorns. and pegasus.
and flies. let’s not forget the flies. rofl.

*whine whine sob sob*

10 May

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself…
…why do I get upset when  I see that the Taiwanese are making dramas out of my favourite animes/manga?

…ok I know, I accepted Rainie and Mike He in Akuma de Sourou
…probably the only reason why I thought ISWAK was ok was probably because I’ll never read the manga because sadly the mangaka died before it was completed.

…Taiwanese Hana-Kimi…. might have been ok if they had changed the two leads. Jiro Wang was pretty cute in Nakatsu-character though(Ikuta Toma was cooler =P).
…Taiwanese F4…I shall keep quiet.
Mars … was… *sobs* *doesn’t want to remember it*

And now…And now…

Skip Beat! is going to become…. Extravagant Challenge… starring…(horror of horrors) Jerry Yan as Tsuruga Ren. If he were Shoutarou I wouldn’t care(he might even fit Shou). But why Ren??? And Ariel Lin is Mogami Kyoko. T___T

…To be completely fair, the Japanese adaptation of Cat’s Street has been giving me horrified goosebumps since I saw the cast. To be precise, the male cast. =O Oh lovely Korean-samas, please make a Korean version.

To end, an online conversation yesterday-

B: A-さんが大好きです。


(( translation

B: (in Japanese) A, I really like you!

A: (in Chinese) You’re cheating my feelings. ))

B: xD

A: You’re back to bullying me. You always bully me.


Back to my essay. Might keep on updating progress here, since there’s a “I’ll do anything but this essay” mentality atm.

ESSAY STATUS: 340/1500 words

sometimes I sink into the whole…

28 Apr

“Why bother? and “They don’t care, so why should you” mentality, which becomes a battle of the “me-who-wants-to-care” and the apathetic me which is more like my original personality anyway so it’s always so tempting to just give it all up.

That aside, I have two tests coming up this week, and since I quite happily forgot to study for my previous Japanese test before the Easter holidays, I am determined that it will be different this time around… =S But I am a dismal failure at the listening and grammar components…….

Last irrelevant part of this post, about a week ago, I happily bought a packet of M&Ms(TM) that is part of the horrendous campaign started by the company where they no longer mix the colours of the M&Ms. I *thought* I could handle it, even smirking a little as I read blog posts of the sufferings other people went through when faced with an entire bag of unicoloured M&Ms, thinking that I was strong enough to handle it. Oh, how does pride go before a fall.

When I opened the bag, forgetting to even steel myself against the shock, and yes, when faced with the sight of bright orange M&Ms without the delightful, colourful variety that is part of the M&M experience.. my spirits absolutely sank. Bright orange as they are, they resemble nothing more than some terrible new vitamin… After bearing with the sight of those orange monstrousities in the tupperware I placed them in, today in Safeway, when I saw an ‘older’ bag, manufactured before this insane marketing scheme took flight, I bought it… and now, sitting on my table is a tupperware of happily (not quite)mixed M&Ms, with an inordinate proportion of orange ones.

And if you are wondering, now whenever I take a few to eat, I always try to take more of the orange ones in a vain hope that I will be able to even out the colour ratios… eventually.


19 Apr

Does my forehead have some words that go like “APOLOGISE TO ME NOW!“?

Or do I seem overly touchy?? Sensitive? Grumpy?

Is that why…people are constantly apologising to me even if they’ve done nothing wrong???? …or even worse.. If I’ve done something wrong and THEY apologise.

(either that or I have overly polite friends) -.-

musics: Gackt Gackt Gackt(going thru another gacktphase, partly thanks to Wenny’s blog and partly thanks to Last Song on loop yesterday)

I paid my rent wrongly!!

17 Mar

I didn’t get the biller’s number thing right and now I’m stressing all over it and it’s making me headache-y ( though that could be the heat). ARGH!!!
Yes yes, I know, all I need to do is call SHA tomorrow but I’m still stressing okies??? I HAVE ISSUES.

*goes to roll around in her misery*

Left handed seats + IT’S SO HOT IN MELBOURNE

17 Mar

I want to melt away or hibernate in my fridge for a while… Why is the weather so hot?
I walked all the way up from the city to the Uni tram stop yesterday because the trams were stopped because of a anti-war protest going on and it was HOT then and it was hot today too *melts further*. Lin and I went to Lygon street, originally to buy her dinner. We ended up buying my dinner instead >.> (I decided that it was too hot to bother with cooking, so I will be eating that and veggie/fruits tonight).

Away from the weather, today in Japanese in the beginning of the class, I was super excited when the lecturer started showing a Kouhaku clip, since I’ve never watched any of the Kouhaku perfomances(I focus too much on Johnny’s ^^U). Sadly, no sound, and she didn’t show much of it in the end. Sad!

Last week, I was rather surprised to learn that there are left handed seats, not only in the Copland Theatre, but also in SMAC’s Carillo Gantner! Yay for the lefties in Melbourne Uni! =D
I must admit, I was initially sceptical of the ones in Copland Theatre, I suspected that they put the tables on the left to make more walking room, but the ones in SMAC have to be deliberate, because they are placed in such a way that the walkway on the side has less, not more I take the ones in Copland in good faith, and believe that they thought of us when designing them ^^ . Right handers, stay out of those seats =P There are like hundreds more made specially for you, go sit in those instead and let us lefties enjoy our left handed seats!

Some photos on principle =DDD

Went to Stalactite(s) (can’t remember if it had an S or not) for an all girl’s out dinner =DD
one half of the table hehe

and that’s the other half of the table =D

The food was pretty good, but eating it was very messy >.<
Weng Yan was impressive though, so amazingly NEAT.
Stasha joined us after dinner and after the bowling…

…group picture! =D
Kit Mun discovered a newfound love for bowling that night xD
(and thank you for the printer, *feels very loved*)

And now some older pictures! Uploaded them a while back, but my internet was driving me NUTS that day!!! But now should be ok..I HOPE!

I think this was the last time I saw all of them together before leaving…
Of course Lin is over here with me heheh.

Must put up rare picture with mandy darling! It feels strange not being on the same continent as you! (but I know we have yuan fen! =D that has already been proven!)

thank you all for dragging yourselves out of bed to see me(and lin) off!!!

I believe my sister has that shifty eyed look cos she’s thinking “Heh heh, the computer’s all mine now! MUAHAHAHAHA!” =P

And finally the WMS gang pic!








The people acting are…MIZUSHIMA HIRO (*hyperventilate number one* fyi, he was the dorm 2 head in HanaKimi) AND MOKOMICHI HAYAMI(*hyperventilate number two* he was the tallest handsem one in Gokusen 2, Hermes’ hawt brother in Densha Otoko!!!)….. I LOVED THE MANGA!!!! IT WAS ONE OF THE RARE NON-ANIMAL MANGAS THAT MADE ME CRY.

I have no idea who’s the girl and I don’t really care…

OHMYGOSHZETTAI KARESHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*goes to be supremely happy somewhere*

I LOVE ZETTAI KARESHI. (translates as Absolute Boyfriend for everybody’s information) =D


(and the coolest thing is…no Johnny’s and I’m still so happy =DDDDD )

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