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With Everything // Hillsong

9 Oct

Open our eyes

To see the things that make Your heart cry…

To be the church that You would desire

Your light to be seen.

Break down our pride

And all the walls we’ve built up inside

Our earthly crowns and all our desires

We lay at Your feet

Let hope rise and darkness tremble in Your Holy light

That every eye will see

Jesus our God, great and mighty to be praised

God of all days, glorious in all of Your ways

Oh the majesty the wonder and grace

In the light of Your name

With everything, with everything

We will shout for Your glory

With everything, with everything

We will shout forth Your praise

Our hearts they cry be glorified

Be lifted high above all names

For You our king, with everything

We will shout forth Your praise


… plagued by what-could-have-been, what-should-have-been and what-I-ought-to-be.

…sorry God…

What breaks God’s heart?

30 Sep

1. When we do not know Him.
Every day people die without entering into a personal relationship with Him, and this causes Him much grief. There is a world out there to reach. What are we doing, as the body of Christ?

2. When we sin
Sin separates us from Him, and that’s not what He wants for us.

3. When we turn away from Him
Having known Him, then turning our backs on Him and walking away from His presence willingly.

4. When we fail to rely on Him
This is something we do so often without realising, choosing instead to run to others or to rely on our own strength to overcome the problems we face. In times of trouble, who do you run to first? Your friends? Your pastor? Your spiritual leader? Or do you hold it in, trying instead to ‘solve’ the issue with your own intelligence, your own ability?
Why does this hurt God? Firstly, it indicates a lack of trust placed in Him. Secondly, He is the ultimate comforter, the ultimate source of strength. Why do we turn to so many other avenues and channels when He is already there, just waiting for us to cry out to Him? He is so ready to take us into His warm embrace, to be our shelter from the storm raging around us. Why then should we place our trust in man who fails or circumstances which change, when the God who never fails has already promised to be there for us?

In the song ‘Tears in Heaven’, Eric Clapton sings that “there’ll be no more tears in heaven”. Personally, I think that there are… because I think God weeps to see us struggle on in our lives without Him. His love for us is so deep and abounding that it pains Him when we do not look to Him because He knows that He can heal our wounds and stem our sorrow.
And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.1 Peter 5 Verse 10

So next time when you’re hurting, try seeking God first before anyone and anything else.

Are you breaking God’s heart today?


Shared a slightly condensed version at prayer meeting today.
And also I think if it’s from God, no one has any right to make a claim to it, except Him of course.

And if anything is scripturally incorrect or inaccurate, please tell me ok? =)

My future’s in Your hands

30 Sep

I know my future’s in Your hands

All of my hopes and dreams and plans

You give me strength of live and faith to succeed

I’ll believe in You because You believe in me.

My Jesus, I’m found in You
You’re my Saviour
You chose me before the world
And You called my name

I will go with You through the valley
I will soar above every mountain
I will trust Your word deep within my heart
I will live for You

…Li who sang this? It’s ‘Unknown Artist’ on my computer ^^U

taisetsuna mono ~

4 Sep

What matters the most?

Who matters the most?

…and why do I keep forgetting this, time and time again?

A slap in the face

21 Jun

It really feels like I’ve gotten one.

I’ve always been horrendously selfish. You know that. It’s something I’m struggling to change, but with Your grace… I can.

Fill my heart with more love.

Fill it with more compassion.

Help me step off this comfortable pedestal of impassivity and apathy.

I want to care for others like Jesus cares for me.

Fill my heart with Your Spirit, that I may be more like You and that out of the overflow of my heart there will be… love.

If I have failed to be what I ought to have been, if I have ever brought anyone down with my words, actions or lack of action, I am truly and deeply sorry. I know I have wronged many people on numerous occasions.  Forgive me.

I miss it…

21 Jun

I miss the me who dared to say “I dream dreams, but even if they don’t come true, I would be better off for having dreamt them”.

Looking back at the dreams that I have dreamt, some came true.
Some didn’t.

But I am better off for having dared to dream them.

So why can’t I dream now?

Why is there only emptiness?

How long has it been like this, Father?

They used to dance in my mind… I could almost see them floating there, calling to me, elusive songs that I always strained to hear, but only rarely ever captured…but when I did manage to catch them, often, they would stun me with their beauty.

At that time, when letting go…did I somehow let go of too much?

I don’t think so though.

You told me to let go of everything.

I’ll trust You now. I’ll hold on to Your Word, Your promises and of course, to You – because I’ve learnt that clinging on to anything else will only lead to it crumbling to dust between my fingers.

Peter Galen Massey

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