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Events and moments

13 Oct

I think writing, like photography, is perfect for capturing moments, and it is through the capturing of such moments that I can bring an event to life for the reader.

For instance, I recently attended my cousin’s wedding. I could say that it was in such-and-such a church, that about one hundred people attended, that the bride was beautiful and the groom was happy.

But just a description doesn’t bring it to life. Instead I remember moments.

I was with the bride as she was dressing up. The dress had to be pulled on, so she sat down, legs waving in the air as four of us tugged and pulled the puffy skirt up her waist and finally zipped it up (with some difficulty).

She almost sat straight onto her bridal bouquet of purple tulips as we were dressing her, drawing loud shrieks of consternation from everyone in the room.

The bride was meant to pin the corsages onto her family, but after too many failed attempts by the bride and everyone else, the photographer put down her camera and finished it in minutes, finally telling the bride :

‘I’ll take pretend photos of you pinning them on later.’

In the church, as we waited for the bride, I sat with the bride’s little brother and helped him write a congratulatory speech for his sister.

The groom cried as the bride walked down the aisle on the arm of her father.

The pastor marrying them had known them both almost all their lives, and he was almost as delighted as the respective parents to see them married.

The bride’s mother hesitated slightly before voicing her consent to give away her daughter.

During his heartfelt self-written vows, the groom declared that he would endeavour to keep their marriage bed active into their 50’s. Amidst the general amusement of the attendees, the bride asked, ‘Only fifties?’, eliciting more laughter.

That was the sort of wedding I attended, and it was funny, warm and beautiful all at the same time.

Congratulations cousin! I wish you all happiness. It was a privilege and joy to share a tiny part of your wedding moments.
(and I also hope you will never read this for too many reasons. I’m tempted not to post it, but I hope you’ll forgive me for going ahead.)

About this blog

3 Feb

I finally made up my mind to move away from xanga!
Well the reasons for choosing wordpress:
1. I like it more than blogger. I’ve been trying to work out something in my blogger account which I initially wanted to shift to, but no go.
2. I like it more than livejournal(which I’ve used before. Livejournal’s best point is that it lets you have those cute little mood icons that you can customise! oh well =D)

To tell the truth, all I wanted to do in the beginning was design my very own blog layout. I was quite gung ho about it, sourcing out pictures, designs, learning the HTML to code the page etc etc…
and then I realised – it’s too much trouble! 😀 No really. I don’t need it *that* much.

Oh back to the blog. Vivid Colours is actually the name of a L’arc~en~ciel song that I was randomly listening to one day, and I thought, “hey! This’ll make an excellent blogname!” I love that word ‘vivid’ and all its definitions, there’s something almost magical about it. Vivid vivid vivid. Hahaha.

I did the banner up there myself in a couple of minutes(look where the effort is hahah).. what I didn’t notice for this template was that little divider right in the middle of the header banner! Ack. And now I kinda like the (rather odd) look of it all, so everything remains as is!
(oh and I love this wordcount thing on wordpress. Do they have it on blogger too? Or xanga? Cos I’ve never noticed it before this.)

Currently suddenly lost. Haha, I’ll update…eventually =D  (yes I will, I really really will!)

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