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Perfect endings

8 Oct

I used to love a good happily ever after. Adequate closure was important to complete my enjoyment of any story in whatever form it took.

This year however, I’ve been reading a lot of short stories. They’re generally not known for having great endings (some don’t even fit into conventional story forms). I didn’t realise how much I’ve been influenced until after watching a movie with friends recently. All of us unanimously agreed that the movie was good, but quite a few voiced out that they were unsatisfied with the ending. I blurted out,

‘But the ambiguity is what made it perfect!’

After I said that, I realised. I’ve been changed. I still believe there’s a place for happy endings – in rom-coms and light fluffy works. Other than that, give me a ‘what happens next is up to you’ any time.

(I should have added that there was character growth and we could see the shifting of relationships, and I won’t ask for much more from a story than that.)

Peter Galen Massey

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